ABOUT lola studio

lola studio is rooted in Switzerland, a country of mountains, glaciers, large forests, lakes and rivers. Being raised so close to nature, we are eager to protect our heritage. The love for activity, outdoors and relaxation made us create sustainable collections that are either made of natural fibres, recycled material or upcycled fabrics. All our packaging is compostable and we work with local producers wherever possible. For every new collection we strive to think out of the box, walk a new path and think new ways to make sure you are wearing whats best, not only for your skin, but the nature you keep moving in.

ABOUT creating active wear:

lola studio encourages you to slow down, become active, breath, meditate and dig deeper into what matters most. Go take a hike in the mountains, swim in the sea, breath the fresh air in your closest forrest, ski the slopes, sail the ocean, explore the world. To support this lifestyle it’s our goal, to create styles that are good to your skin as well as being good to our planet. While you take a pause and move outdoors, you can wear the most sustainable outfits. We do not only design, but upcycle, recycle and research new ways to support your activity and relaxation, with a low foot print on the planet.